We won ITC wire decking victory

Date:Jan 10,2013

ITC Says No Duties on Dumped Wire Decking from China


The U.S. International Trade Commission in a split vote July 1st,2010 refused to allow dumping and countervailing duties to be placed on imported wire decking from China.


The Commerce Department had already determined that the material, used to form shelf surfaces in warehouse, commercial, and industrial storage installations, was being subsidized and sold in the United Statesat less than fair market value. But for duties to be imposed, the ITC had to find that a U.S.industry was being materially injured or threatened with injury as a result.


ITC Chairman Deanna Tanner Okun and Commissioners Daniel Pearson, Shara Aranoff, and Dean Pinkert said no. Commissioners Charlotte Lane and Irving Williamson voted in the affirmative.


AWP Industries Inc., ITC Manufacturing Inc., J&L Wire Cloth Inc., Nashville Wire Products Manufacturing Co. Inc., and Wireway Husky Corp. requested the investigation, which began at the ITC in June 2009.


The petitioners were represented by Kathleen Cannon and R. Alan Luberda of Kelley Drye & Warren.


Nucor Wire Products Pennsylvania Inc., which was not a petitioner but supported the request, was represented by Daniel Pickard and D. Scott Nance of Wiley Rein.


Importer:Dalian Eastfound Metal Products Co.Ltd. and affiliated company Dalian Eastfound Material Handling Products Co.,Ltd.were represented by Gregory Menegaz of DeKieffer and Horgan. 

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