Hot-dip plating

The hot-dip plating technology introduced from Japan solves the problem of more zinc skin and zinc slag on the surface of hot-dip plating products, so that customers can obtain better hot-dip plating products.

Spray plastic

With advanced spraying equipment, the air flow control performance of the full-automatic powder spraying room is excellent. In the process of product spraying, the blind area can be reduced to the greatest extent, and the turbulence phenomenon in the spray chamber can be reduced. The constant powder output, no powder accumulation, and the continuous stability of the air flow make the powder adhesion rate high and uniform. The entire process is fully automated and controlled to eliminate poor quality caused by human factors. The product coating has excellent appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and diversified colors. At the same time, we have a variety of advanced testing instruments and experimental equipment to ensure the stability and control of spraying quality. In addition to the galvanized hanging plating production line, we also have automation


Our company has China's advanced automatic galvanized hanging plating production line. Its biggest characteristics are: 1) Using China's fifth-generation electroplating technology, the electroplating efficiency is high, and the current ion exchange efficiency reaches 93%, which is higher than 85% of the fourth generation and 70% of the third generation. The penetration of zinc ions is good, which can effectively improve the problem of poor electroplating of the dead corner of the electroplating workpiece. 2) The entire electroplating process is automatically controlled to eliminate poor electroplating caused by human factors. Computer timing determination of bath liquid; Computer automatic addition of liquid medicine; Electroplating and pretreatment run fully automatically, and can be set up separately for different products.