Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves for Twenty Years-The 20th Anniversary of Yifeng

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Aug 27,2019

Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Yifeng, the next twenty years, Yifeng efforts to build China's outstanding logistics warehousing brand!


Recall past eventful years

Twenty years ago, in August (August 8, 1999), the general manager of Yifeng Company announced the formal establishment of Yifeng Company to dozens of employees on the scene in a simple small factory building in Gezhenbao, and read out the enthusiastic congratulations of the partners.

Twenty years later, in August, the once humble small processing plant has grown into a modern factory with more than 200 managers and more than 500 skilled operators, integrating the whole industry chain and highly automated production.

The hardships and difficulties in the past 20 years have not brought down the Yifeng people, but have made the Yifeng people more courageous and persevering.Twenty years of wind and rain, the blue rays of the road, let Yifeng people sharpen a resolute character, professional business ability, efficient and tacit cooperation, the excellence of products, and the heroic spirit of "dare to call the sun and the moon for a new sky!Memories of the sudden twenty years, Yifeng created a small miracle in the history of industry, based on the warehousing and logistics industry, from scratch, from weak to strong, Yifeng people feel extremely proud and proud of this!



Eight thousand miles of cloud and moon

In the past two decades, Yifeng has firmly established a corporate culture of "honesty and trustworthiness, accuracy and reliability", linking advanced technology with high-quality services-reputation, and integrating the belief in high-quality service into the blood of every Yifeng person. It is this quality that makes Yifeng prosperous and thriving day by day,In the logistics and warehousing industry continues to advance, cast brilliant achievements.

Yifeng will continue to inject new connotations while maintaining its excellent tradition. In the new era, new questions will be raised and new answers will be needed. Yifeng will keep up with the pace of the times and give the correct answers to new questions in the new era: continuously optimize products, upgrade technology, keep up with the tide of the times and upgrade, flexibly respond to the surging and unpredictable global market, and send a strong voice from China's logistics and warehousing industry to the world!


The next twenty years, to build China's outstanding logistics warehousing brand

In the past 20 spring, summer, autumn and winter, Yifeng people have never stopped pursuing the highest honor in the industry. In the next two decades, Yifeng will continue to conquer the city in the logistics and warehousing industry, continue to expand its territory, and make unremitting efforts to build China's outstanding logistics and warehousing brand!