Warehouse logistics planning and management program?

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Feb 18,2022

Warehousing logistics planning and management programme:

warehousing logistics planning and management programme:


1, by the enterprise's production resource plan, determine the amount of materials.

The plan outline (or order) produced by the enterprise, according to the number of pieces of the material required for a single product can know the specific quantity of the material required for the period (including quality, loss, margin discount).

2, by the workshop capacity, determine the distribution frequency

According to the production and processing capacity and production efficiency of the workshop, the production beat of a single production line or production team per time unit can be known, thus the quantity of specific materials required by each station can be known. The distribution of the warehouse is based on this parameter and the relevant parameters of the handling path and handling equipment to determine the distribution frequency and "online storage time and storage volume".

3, analysis of material characteristics, determine the logistics container.

According to the characteristics of the material (such as the relevant size, whether it is fragile, whether it needs waterproof, fireproof, anti-static, etc., the selection criteria of the logistics container can be determined, and the standard loading quantity and standard loading method of a single logistics container for the material can also be determined. This is a critical step, because the standardization of logistics containers, packaging unit is the basis of material handling mechanization, automation, storage three-dimensional, but also logistics equipment, management personnel, logistics space calculation of the key parameters, but also specific materials and warehouse management software between the data corresponding to the basic platform.