Anti-Epidemic Star Commendation Conference

Release time:

May 20,2022

Anti-Epidemic Star Commendation Conference

In March of Yangchun, it was the time when spring was full and everything was recovering. However, Omicrong raided Bincheng like lightning. The invisible devil swallowed up the warm spring day. In an instant, half of the city was blocked. The second and third factories of Yifeng were in the eye of the storm of the epidemic. There was a crisis of production shutdown at any time. How to ensure production under many difficulties and crises, how to deliver to customers on schedule in a strictly sealed and controlled environment has become a subject that Yifeng must complete.

The more difficult and dangerous it is, the more responsible it is. At this time, a group of outstanding anti-epidemic employees emerged, volunteered, and went into the battle to ensure production without hesitation. In ancient times, sages once said that sages are not sad about their own difficulties and worry about their country's worries, which is the true portrayal of this group of excellent anti-epidemic employees, their heart is to carry out the production of Yifeng smoothly, is to provide quality products for customers with quality and quantity, is to dedicate their own strength in the real world. They regard Yifeng as their home in their hearts, and they have worked together in the fight against the epidemic for more than a month to help Yifeng win this battle without gunpowder.

On May 10, 2022, Yifeng Group held the Anti-Epidemic Star Commendation Conference to thank its employees for their coming forward and selfless dedication in the prevention and control of the epidemic! Yifeng's "Anti-Epidemic Star" shows the spirit of Yifeng's employees! It is with your efforts that Yifeng Group can still produce normally under the predicament of the epidemic closure. You can fulfill your original mission with actions and interpret loyalty with responsibility!