Yifeng Group warmly celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the motherland

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Sep 29,2019


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The earth is turned upside down and generous.

1949Year10Month1On the day of the founding ceremony of the military parade, the then mountain artillery troops were still being inspected by mules and horses.

70Years later today,-20The sound of the roar cut through the sky and the eagle struck the sky. The vicissitudes of life have made people sigh with admiration.

not only in the military field,70Years, in the political, economic, industrial, agricultural, construction, high-tech, information construction, transportation and logistics ...... Each field, our motherland has undergone tremendous changes, let the world marvel.

This great country has completed her painful and extraordinary transformation, and is constantly forging ahead towards the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Every Chinese is extremely proud to fight for it!



Future, promising

By1999Year2019year, this20From the perspective of Yifeng, we can deeply realize the all-round and deep-seated changes in the country, which have given an enterprise unlimited opportunities,Let Yifeng from a less than 100 peopleSmall processing plant, gradually growing into a200Many managers,500A number of skilled operators, business all over the world, set the whole industry chain in one, highly automated production of modern enterprises.

Now, the clarion call for national rejuvenation has sounded, and the tide of the times has begun to carry everything forward. Compared with the previous two decades, the future China has given the trendsetters more opportunities:

The world's second largest economy, political stability, orderly rule of law, social harmony, active innovation, convenient transportation, with close14a large market of 100 million people;

The "the belt and road initiative" cooperation agreement spans Asia, Africa and Europe, creating huge market demand;

With the rapid development of various industries, high-tech, high-quality, high-efficiency products emerge in endlessly


The wind is strong, the sails are high, and the China ship is chopping the waves towards its dreams. Standing on the giant ship, Yifeng firmly believes that in the future, we have a lot to do!


Yifeng Greetings

In the motherland is about to usher70On the occasion of the first birthday, all employees of Yifeng Group sincerely wish the motherland a happy birthday, wish the motherland an early realization of the great Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, and wish the people of the whole country a happy holiday!