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Automatic Electro-galvanizing Production Line

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Automatic Electro-galvanizing Production Line 
Our company adopts China's fifth-generation electroplating technology, which has high electroplating efficiency, and the efficiency of current ion exchange is 93%, higher than 85% of the fourth generation and 70% of the third generation. Good penetration of zinc ions can effectively improve the problem of electroplating of electroplating die Angle. The entire electroplating process is automatically controlled to eliminate the phenomenon of poor electroplating caused by human factors. The electroplating and pre-processing are fully automatic, and the plating time of each electroplating groove can be set separately for different products. All potions used in electroplating shall be provided by a certified third party to guarantee the quality of electroplating; At the same time, we can finish the sealing surface after electroplating.
The electroplating wastewater treatment line adopts the latest DCS system, which runs automatically without manual operation. Real-time online monitoring of sewage discharge data, and uploaded to the environmental protection inspection network of Dalian City, integrated into the national environmental protection website, subject to environmental protection inspection by the government; Automatic collection, treatment and storage of electroplating wastewater, and recycling after neutralization; A layer of waste water and waste liquid underground adopts redundant storage design to provide triple protection and is equipped with a 1,000-ton emergency accident pool to effectively eliminate the leakage of pollutants caused by emergencies.