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Qualified Material and Automatic Welding

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Wire container is mainly composed of low-carbon wire rod and plate material, the main parts are only made by the wires welded via resistance welding machine. Before the raw materials are purchased and put into storage, our company needs to do 10% sampling and inspection, such as stretching, bending and external dimension. If the raw materials meet the company's standards, they will be deemed qualified. Otherwise, the raw materials shall be returned.

Suppliers of warehousing products in China generally use Chinese national standard (GB) Q195 or Q235 wires. The yield strength of Q235 is 20% higher than that of Q195, and the tensile strength is nearly 20% higher. Q235 is a harder material than Q195 with good strength, but the welding production is not good and it is not easy to produce and process. In order to guarantee the high strength and safety of the products, all storage cages of our company adopt high-quality (GB) Q235 wire materials, which are purchased directly from An Steel, guaranteeing the tensile strength above 600Mpa. At the same time, in order to improve the strength of the wire implement secondary wire drawing processing, parent metal plate round from Φ8.0 mm to Φ7.0 mm, finally to Φ6.0 mm.

In order to guarantee the welding performance of the Q235 wire after wire drawing, our company adopts high-power automatic resistance welding machine to process the mesh sheet and intelligent manipulator to weld the storage cage base. The characteristic of automatic welding machine is no leakage welding phenomenon, and the weld bead is full and even, the product has no deformation and welding scar, the welding place is very firm.


Qualified Material and Automatic Welding