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Introduction of Wire Mesh Decking and its Application

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Wire mesh decking is translated from the literal meaning of the English word wire decking and its purpose, but in China the most common name is grid layer or wire layer. "Layer board" the name is wrong, because of its appearance and we understand the "layer board", therefore, this paper or wire mesh pallet this name is used to introduce this is the result of the United States in the 90’s, almost a decade later, since only slowly at the turn of the century in Europe, Australia and other developed economies, promotion and application of products step by step.

Structure and classification of wire mesh decking:

The wire mesh decking is used in cooperation with the shelf, which adopts the metal wire mesh welding structure, with u-type support at the bottom, adding welding and strengthening, increasing the strength and bearing capacity of the tray, and bending on both sides, which is placed on the outside of the shelf when installation, to prevent the tray from sliding off the shelf. It is convenient for users to place all kinds of bulk goods and bottom tray, and improves the security of warehouse storage. The wire decking is easy to install (it can be placed on the shelf directly), strong bearing capacity, strong durability, good permeability, improved visibility of products, fire prevention, long service life, maintenance free, more affordable, while avoiding dust deposition, improve the environmental sanitation of the warehouse. The dimensions and other parameters of the wire mesh decking can be customized according to the size and load-bearing requirements of the shelf. There are two commonly used standard decking: the F type wire decking and the S type wire decking.

"F" (Flared Style) wire decking: widely used in the rectangular beam. The two sides of the u-type support are flapped flat, which falls on the surface of the rectangular beam when installed, and the bending on both sides fixes the tray on the beam, making the decking safer. The tray is also suitable for "C" and "I" beams. As shown in the figure, it is a decking with a depth of 1000mmX and a width of 880mm, which is also the most commonly used style in China and Europe at present. The standard grid spacing is 50X100mm or 50X50mm, the wire diameter is 5.0mm, and the uniformly distributed load is 1000KG.

”S"(Step Style) wire decking: widely used on Step beam, when installed, U support falls on the Step of beam. The decking can be designed to be bent out and bent in, and is mainly used in the American market.

In addition to these two basic styles, the wire decking can be customized according to the shelf or the customer's requirements, which also spawned some other "special" decking, as follows:


Multi beam decking can be mounted on multiple racks.


U-support backweld to avoid dust accumulation.

Flush pallet: the surface of the pallet is flush with the rack after installation, without bending, it is more beautiful and neat.


Pallets are typically bent forward and can be designed to be bent upward to prevent cargo from falling from behind.


The surface treatment of wire mesh decking usually has electroplating, spraying and hot plating for customers to choose from.

Above is finish powder coated orange

Above is hot-dipped galvanized finish


According to American ANSI standard, the load capacity of wire decking refers to the static condition, the wire decking itself load. As shown in the figure below, place the cargo 2 "away from the beam, and the weight is evenly distributed to the entire surface of the decking.

Other non-uniform load-bearing deckings require special design to ensure their safety. Such as:

1) Line load: as shown in the figure, the weight is concentrated in one line, and there is no U-type support at the bottom, which is equivalent to wire load bearing. This way of wire decking collapse is very risky, and the load bearing is not good.

2) Point load: as shown in the figure, the four legs of the warehouse cage fall on the decking, which is mainly supported by four contact points with poor load bearing effect.

It should be emphasized that people are not allowed to walk on the wire mesh decking, which results in the point load bearing of dynamic load, which is much higher than the static load bearing required by the decking.

In addition, the wire decking can also be installed accessories – wire mesh divider, to separate storage of goods, divided storage space, so that the storage of goods more clearly.

1) Hanging divider: the hook type design can be hung on the decking of the upper rack, and the lower decking can be stuck by double wires at the bottom to be fixed.

2) Snap-in divider: the divider clip can be stuck on the grid of the decking.

It has been more than 20 years since the appearance of wire mesh decking in the United States in the 1990s, and it has been widely used in developed economies such as the United States and Europe. In the United States and even some states legislated that wooden pallets or plastic pallets could not be placed directly on the shelves, and wire mesh decking must be used to keep the warehouses safe. So why are metal wire mesh decking widely used and even mandatory in developed economies such as the US and Europe? Because the wire mesh decking has the following advantages. As shown in the figure:

If the bottom decking is placed directly on the shelf, and there is no support under the bottom decking, it is easy to damage the goods from the middle, causing harm to the operators and cargo.

When the bottom decking size is small, or when placed improperly, it can cause the decking to fall off the shelves.

In case of fire, solid wooden or iron pallets cover up the fire, so that the fire cannot be detected in time. Even if fire is detected, solid structure will prevent sprinklers from effectively extinguishing the fire, resulting in irreversible consequences of fire spread.

The wire mesh decking structure improves the visibility of the warehouse, enables the fire to be detected in time, its permeability can eliminate the fire quickly, and avoids the installation of fire extinguishing device on each floor of the shelf, saving the customer cost. So the wire mesh decking is the safest and most economical choice on the shelf of modern warehouse.>

There are countless examples in China, from cars to the spread of the Internet, that show how the present is China's future in developed economies such as the US and Europe. We believe that the same application of wire mesh decking in warehousing logistics. With the explosion of logistics in China, the increasing cost of labor and the emphasis on safety and efficiency, the wire mesh decking will be more and more widely used in China.

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