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Comparison of Warehouse Storage Wire Cage Appearance

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As the storage cages are more and more widely used and popular in China, there are more manufacturers. However, the specifications and standards of each manufacturer are different, which leads to the uneven quality of warehouse cages produced by each manufacturer. This paper only compares the appearance of the warehouse cage produced by our company with that produced by some other domestic manufacturers, and then analyzes the reasons and the influence on the use.

Dalian Eastfound warehousing equipment co., LTD production warehouse cage, and some other domestic manufacturers warehouse cage don't watch carefully, as if the same, but it is found that there are several different, to simplify the description, with A for Dalian Eastfound storage warehouse cage, B said other manufacturers in the China warehouse cage to express. In order to reflect the original appearance after production more clearly, part of a warehouse cage is the picture before surface plating treatment:

1) The appearance of the legs is different from that of welding and base welding.

As shown in the figure, it is obvious that the weld bead of the cage bottom of warehouse A is uniform and the welding flesh is full, which is very beautiful in appearance. Meanwhile, the welding between the u-shaped support of the base of warehouse A is also very full, and the welding of different cages is almost identical from the outside.However, the welding of B is rough, with less welding meat and poor appearance. Different storage cages have different appearance, with the same welding passes. Some have more welding meat, while others have less.

2) The welding of the mesh sheet is different from that of the base u-support.

The welding of wire and wire of cage mesh in a warehouse and the U-type support of wire and base is relatively large and the melting depth of each welding spot is consistent. However, the welding penetration depth of cage mesh wire and wire in B warehouse and the welding penetration depth of mesh wire and base U-type support is not consistent, and the welding penetration depth is relatively shallow. There are also the cases of virtual welding and leakage welding, and some leakage welding spots have secondary welding scars.

3) The front half door of the warehouse cage is closed and open very flexibly; And B front half door switch is not flexible, relatively stiff;

4) Measuring with a micrometer, the mesh diameter of a warehouse cage is 5.98mm, the thickness of the base U-type support plate is 2.05mm, the diameter of the base U-type support plate of B warehouse cage is 5.9mm, and the thickness of base U-type support plate is 1.9mm.

Comparison of Warehouse Storage Wire Cage Appearance