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Shanghai CeMAT ASIA 2017 international logistics technology and transportation exhibition, achieving a perfect conclusion!

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CeMAT ASIA is one of the largest international exhibitions in the material handling and logistics industry in ASIA, which has successfully held 17 sessions since it was first held in 2000.

Up to now, annual CeMAT ASIA has already become a "museum" of high-end logistics equipment and technology. Here, the world's top logistics equipment and technology can be fully viewed, and the development trend of logistics equipment and technology can be accurately grasped.

This exhibition will focus on the new theme of "smart logistics", covering the exhibition area of no. W1-w5 hall and N2 hall, attracting more than 600 well-known enterprises around the world to exhibit on an area of over 60,000 square meters, presenting an international logistics innovation equipment feast. Dalian EASTFOUND GROUP participated in the exhibition, located at booth W3-C3-2.

"Internet +" mobile Internet era, the only constant is change itself, more explosive economic growth driven traditional logistics to logistics transformation wisdom, intelligent storage will be "the arrival of the goods" into "goods to people", wisdom logistics power enterprise a brick building "4.0" industrial buildings, transformation and upgrading of China's smart from made in China.

"Made in China 2025" has been the central committee of the state council attaches great importance to, in the much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning will also be focusing on manufacturing and logistics industry development, and on the stage of the CeMAT ASIA 2017, we will follow the national policy guidance, "authors efficiency", "intelligent logistics equipment", made "smart" three major policy guidance for targeted show, help the enterprise together to explore the new road of logistics development.

Standardized logistics equipment is the basic condition of intelligent logistics and unitary logistics, an important part of the whole link of intelligent logistics, and also the key to the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. Its application can not only effectively drive the optimization process of supply chain logistics system, but also build an efficient and low-cost supply intelligent logistics system, and ultimately achieve cost reduction and efficiency.
Dalian EASTFOUND GROUP in packaging logistics equipment exhibition hall W3, targeted shows widely used abroad, some mature, standardization of logistics equipment and products, especially targeted introduced the products of our company in the United States amazon application on large warehouse, our company economy and fire protection features outstanding product is worthy of reference for domestic similar large warehouse application.

Through this Shanghai CeMAT ASIA exhibition, we met new friends and old friends, and showed the good features of the enterprise, and achieved the desired results.
Dalian EASTFOUND ® GROUP spirit of "honest and trustworthy, accurate and reliable" business philosophy, for you planning the best logistics solutions, providing high-quality, cost-effective logistics equipment of! Welcome domestic and foreign merchants from all walks of life consultation, procurement!

Shanghai CeMAT ASIA 2017 international logistics technology and transportation exhibition, achieving a perfect conclusion!