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Congratulations to our company for passing the BSCI successfully

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BSCI, full name Business Social Compliance Initiative is an organization that advocates compliance with social responsibility by the business community, and requires companies to use BSCI monitoring systems to continuously improve social responsibility standards in worldwide factory.

Benefits of BSCI for factories:
1. Fulfill the guests' requirements.
2. Reduce the number of inspections performed by different buyers at different times.
3. Improve the image and status of the factory.
4. Improve management system.
5. Improve relationships with employees.
6. Increase productivity to increase profits.
7. Minimize potential business risks such as work injury or death, legal action or loss of order.
Our company will continue to adhere to the policy of high standards and strict requirements to provide our customers with high quality products.
Congratulations to our company for passing the BSCI successfully