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The New Year Party of Eastfound Group in 2020

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The New Year Party of Eastfound Group was held at the Faguo Hotel, On January 10th, 2020.



The party is enjoyable. Colleagues gathered together to play and create a happy and warm atmosphere. At the same time, it shows the energetic, positive and enterprising spirit.




Under the background of the trade war between China and US in 2019, the whole company united together, and moving forward steadily. Saying goodbye to unpredictable in 2019, we greet the year 2020 in positive attitude.

All colleagues in Eastfound group are full of ambition and strive to start a

new year. We have the same goals and with confidence, and we look forward to the brighter future of Eastfound group.





The New Year Party of Eastfound Group in 2020