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Gitterbox's production profile

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Gitterbox is also called a butterfly cage. It has the advantages of fixed storage, neat stacking, clear storage, and convenient inventory counting. It also improves the effective utilization of storage space. In addition, gitterbox is durable, convenient to transport, and reusable, which can effectively reduce manpower consumption and packaging costs of warehousing companies. With the rapid development of modern industry, the functions of gitterbox are becoming more and more extensive.

customized gitterbox from China manufacturer
This product can be used not only in the factory production workshop, but also in the supermarket as a display promotion and storage. The improved gitterbox can be placed in the gitterbox, assembly line, or stacked; the wheeled gitterbox can be easily and quickly turned around in the workshop, and can be equipped with traction on the cage, and the traction mechanism is attached to the front, so that the cages are connected like a train Freely shuttle between warehouses and workshops: the gitterbox with pvc board or iron plate can prevent small pieces from missing: the gitterbox with increased net distance can put cartons or light items, avoiding damage to cartons and products by simply using pallets. Increase the stability and integrity of the product during transportation and storage.
gitterbox uses Q195 high-speed wire as raw material, which is cold-drawn and formed. Then, a semi-finished mesh is formed by butt welding. After the mesh is made, it can be surface treated by galvanizing or spraying (most of the gitterboxes are galvanized). After the surface treatment is completed, it can be assembled and finally made into a finished product. The size of gitterbox can be made according to the actual requirements of customers’ products. When purchasing gitterbox, you should consider the external dimensions of your products, the maximum load-carrying requirements you design, whether your gitterbox is used for storage or for turnover, whether it needs to be stacked, etc. aspect.