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What are the advantages of using Cage Pallets products

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The overall structure of Cage Pallets is very good: because of the use of metal materials, the overall structure of Cage Pallets has very good rigidity. Relying on the overall structure of very good rigidity, Cage Pallets can naturally store and store goods stably when applied, and it is not easy to affect the goods placed in them due to changes in their own structure. Cage Pallets have a long service life: Since metal materials are not easily damaged by external forces, Cage Pallets must have a long service life, which is one of the reasons why they can exhibit very good stability in applications.

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Cage Pallets can aggregate scattered cargo into cargo units with consistent specifications and a certain volumetric capacity and weight. The export packaging and transportation plays a key role in word-of-mouth logistics. As a small cargo carrier, the pallet forms a large carrier through the overall stacking, packing, transshipment, and packing of the goods into the container, which facilitates the logistics between word of mouth. From warehouses to distribution to export transportation, a lot of manpower, material and financial resources are saved, which saves a lot of money for enterprises, reduces the cost of enterprises' foreign trade, and increases their competitiveness in foreign trade.
As a containerized transportation tool, Cage Pallets has the following advantages:
(1) Self-weight is small. Due to the high weight and small weight of Cage Pallets, less wasteful labor is consumed for handling Cage Pallets during loading, unloading and transportation, which can save labor, reduce labor intensity, and shorten loading and unloading time.
(2) Easy to install. To transport goods using Cage Pallets, you only need to bundle and tightly wrap the goods on Cage Pallets, which can standardize the circulation operations and promote the mechanization of loading and unloading.
(3) Easy to return to empty. Cage Pallets occupies less power when they are stored and returned to empty, so they are easy to return to empty. In addition, the cost of Cage Pallets is not high and it is easy to support each other. After transportation, they can not even be returned, and the Cage Pallets of each other can be used to compensate each other.
(4) Large transportation volume. Although the loading capacity of a single Cage Pallets is smaller than that of a container, the loading capacity of the tray after the centralized quantity and reasonable stacking is much larger than that of the general packaging.
(5) Multi-layer stacking is possible. Cage Pallets can be stacked in multiple layers and utilize storage space.
In recent years, in order to vigorously develop social environmental protection, Cage Pallets and plastic pallets have gradually replaced wooden pallets to reduce the damage to forests caused by felling trees. In order to meet the speed and development of the logistics industry, the concept of the food industry continues to increase, as well as the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for the attributes of pallets. Cage Pallets continue to optimize the process and structure, and are favored by the food, medicine, and logistics industries for their excellent load carrying capacity, resistance to insects, no mold, long life, and high and low temperature resistance.
In terms of load, Cage Pallets cannot be replaced by wood-plastic pallets, ranging from 1-2 tons to 2-3 tons in weight. Secondly, in terms of meticulousness, many Cage Pallets manufacturers are now doing a good job of controlling the process, whether it is the flatness of the tray, or the tolerance of each leg and panel, they are all meticulous and accurate.

What are the advantages of using Cage Pallets products