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Advantages of Cage Pallets products

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Cage Pallets is an ideal solution for storing and transporting irregularly shaped goods, especially fragile goods that cannot be directly stacked or high-value goods that require special protection. They can be directly installed on ECR pallets to maximize their effectiveness.

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Cage Pallets products often use modular design, any part can be maintained and replaced separately, reducing maintenance costs. Excellent connection design makes the structure stable, suitable for long-term use of two-sided side-opening devices, more convenient and direct access to the product, easy to disassemble, fold and store, can save storage space and recover costs. The support plate design is easy for forklifts to stack operations and improve loading and unloading The efficiency of optional partitions and pads and other accessories can fully meet the needs of users for personalized logistics operations such as storage and picking.
Cage Pallets products often need to be used in conjunction with ECR pallets. Only when Cage Pallets products are used in conjunction with ECR pallets, can forklift operations be carried out, which can be more efficient, safer and more convenient to use. Cage Pallets products often have the same bottom size as ECR pallets. , Namely 1200mmX1000mm, the height is often around 1000mm.
Cage Pallets products are used in the transportation and storage of irregular objects, such as bagged industrial products, food, high-value electronic products and so on.

Advantages of Cage Pallets products