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Pallet Rack Protectors will show you: Do you know the design guidelines of storage racks

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Pallet Rack Protectors tells you that in the eyes of many people, the shelf is just a simple splicing of various profiles. However, for workers, the design and production of racks are far from simple as imagined. For example, manufacturers like Pallet Rack Protectors must consider various issues when ordering and producing racks. Not only do they need to consider the practicality of the racks, Also consider the aesthetics of the shelves. After years of accumulation of lessons, Pallet Rack Protectors manufacturers have summarized their own set of shelf design guidelines. Let's follow the editor to have a brief understanding.

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1. First consider the volume of the warehouse, as well as the volume, weight, size, etc. of the goods, whether the forklift is convenient for loading and unloading, whether the momentum of the forklift will damage the shelves, and the protection of earthquake intensity;
2. Secondly, consider whether there is enough space between the goods on the shelves, whether there is a fire passage, and whether the operation of the workers is convenient and labor-saving. Pallet Rack Protectors tells you that storage racks can be divided into different types. There are three common classifications: heavy-duty racks, medium-duty racks and light-duty racks. This is based on their load-bearing capacity, craftsmanship, use and other aspects.
3. After considering what kind of steel to use, how to do anti-rust treatment and so on. The Pallet Rack Protectors manufacturer tells you that while ensuring the satisfaction of the shelf, the cost and cost of the shelf are reduced.
The above situation is the analysis and research carried out by the Pallet Rack Protectors manufacturer on the relevant information of the shelf. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Welcome to cooperate with us! We will analyze and study more related product knowledge for you in the next issue, please continue to pay attention.

Pallet Rack Protectors will show you: Do you know the design guidelines of storage racks