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Things to pay attention to when customizing wire mesh pallet

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Wire mesh pallet is also called negative steel pallet or metal pallet or iron pallet. It is a horizontal platform device used for containerization, stacking, handling and transportation to place goods and products as unit loads. So, what should be paid attention to when customizing wire mesh pallet? Let's take you to find out below.

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1. When customizing the wire mesh pallet, you should first consider what kind of goods you are loading, and then choose the wire mesh pallet according to the goods you load. For example, when loading bagged goods, you can choose a feed pallet. The feed pallet is a loading and unloading pad used to facilitate the transportation of feed, which can effectively prevent the bagged goods from being scratched.
2. To indicate under what environment you need to use wire mesh pallet, room temperature storage and cold storage need to be clearly stated.
3. Tell whether it needs to be put on the shelf. The legs of the wire mesh pallet that need to be put on the shelf need to be designed to be thicker when designing.
4. Tell whether it is a flat warehouse or a vertical warehouse. The accuracy requirements for the wire mesh pallet are different for the flat warehouse and the vertical warehouse.
5. Inform the wire mesh pallet that the size and load capacity need to be customized, so that we can choose the material according to the requirements.
6. Inform the method of entering the fork. If it is two-way entering, the custom size of the wire mesh pallet varies in length and width, and you need to inform which side the fork will enter.
The above items are generally required to be informed when the wire mesh pallet is customized. After these conditions are understood, the customized wire mesh pallet takes into account all aspects, and will not make mistakes and is more in line with the heart.

Things to pay attention to when customizing wire mesh pallet