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Problems in the use of wire mesh pallet

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Although there are many advantages of wire mesh pallet, how to use it unreasonably will affect its service life. Let's take a look at the problems of wire mesh pallet in use.

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1. There is a situation that seriously exceeds the load of the wire mesh pallet. Since wire mesh pallets generally carry a good load, under special circumstances, they can carry more than their rated load. As a result, when in use, some manufacturers make the wire mesh pallet in a long-term overload state or severely exceed it. The situation of its own carrying capacity.
2. Violent use by operators. Because wire mesh pallet uses steel as its raw material, it has good rigidity and hardness, and to a certain extent, it is more resistant to impact than other material pallets. This also causes many operators to rough work when picking up wire mesh pallets with forklifts. Over a long period of time, it is difficult not to damage its various parts.
Of course, in daily use, there may be other phenomena in addition to these two situations. Here, as a direct manufacturer of wire mesh pallet, we must remind users that they should not pay attention to the basic specifications in normal use because of the good performance of wire mesh pallet. No matter what kind of pallet is used, you need to pay attention. Careful use and maintenance
Wire mesh pallet, in this way, can be used as long as possible, thereby reducing business costs.

Problems in the use of wire mesh pallet