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The difference between wire mesh pallet and iron pallet

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Many customers have this question when buying pallets: Are wire mesh pallet and iron pallet the same thing? What is the difference between the two pallets? Is the performance of the iron pallet worse than that of the wire mesh pallet?

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In fact, wire mesh pallet is also called iron pallet. The two are essentially one thing, and there is no difference. There is no saying that iron pallet will be inferior to wire mesh pallet. Simply put, the iron pallet is a wire mesh pallet.
So when a customer chooses a pallet, how do they choose a pallet that is truly cost-effective and suitable for their needs?
First of all, pallets of different materials determine their prices and uses. Because of its material limitations, wood-plastic pallets are afraid of water and insects and are easily scrapped, so they cannot be used twice or multiple times. The service life and bearing capacity are naturally much worse than the wire mesh pallet, so the price will naturally be lower. Customers can use wood-plastic pallets as a temporary transitional use.
In the era of environmentally friendly logistics equipment, the 100% recycled wire mesh pallet is naturally popular. Its load-bearing performance and service life are much better than wood plastic. If the customer invests in this aspect of storage equipment, it is naturally recommended to choose wire mesh pallet. Although the initial purchase price will be higher, but in the long run, its useful life will be much longer. After conversion, the price of wire mesh pallet is actually relatively low.

The difference between wire mesh pallet and iron pallet