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What are the points to consider when purchasing or leasing demountable roll cage container

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The demountable roll cage container is a common appliance that is needed for enterprise production, factory warehouse production line turnover, warehousing logistics transfer, product display, etc. It can be folded and stacked when it is not in use, saving storage space. It is a very practical tool. Recycle packaging materials.

china demountable roll cage container Wholesale Price
In actual scenarios, companies that need to lease or purchase demountable roll cage containers need to choose a reliable supplier to cooperate. Then, what specific points should we not ignore?
1. Product Guarantee
Considering the quality of the supplier’s products and whether the demountable roll cage container produced has strictly passed the quality inspection standards, you can visit the supplier’s factory site if necessary.
2. Product Quotation
Is the supplier’s offer reasonable? What is the market price of demountable roll cage container? What is the basis for the supplier’s quotation? How to judge the moisture content of the quotation given by the supplier?
3. Payment cycle
Is the billing period proposed by the supplier reasonable? In order to receive the demountable roll cage container on time and in quality and quantity, the billing period must not be ignored here. When inspecting the supplier in the early stage, it is necessary to clarify the payment cycle, the proportion of advance payment, the payment conditions of the final payment, etc., to avoid unnecessary problems in the later period to delay the project progress.
4. Follow-up service
If you are buying a demountable roll cage container, how long should you consider the supplier’s warranty period? How about after-sales service? Are there additional services? If you are leasing a demountable roll cage container, then you have to ask the supplier what the specific service items are, and will there be a shortage of supply? When the rented demountable roll cage container has problems in use, what is the supplier's response cycle? These are all things to consider.

What are the points to consider when purchasing or leasing demountable roll cage container