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How to fold the nestable roll container

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The use of the foldable nestable roll container is not only convenient to use, but also saves a lot of space.

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A folded nestable roll container is unfolded and used, and two people are required to operate it. The process is as follows:
Two people standing on both sides of the warehouse cage, first erect the front mesh, and then erect the connected side mesh and back mesh, insert the two side meshes into the base of the warehouse cage, and pay attention to the front mesh. To connect the mesh, finally insert the door bolt of the front mesh into the side mesh.
The unfolded foldable nestable roll container should be flat and symmetrical at four corners. If there is any unevenness, please do not use it. Check whether the mesh and door bolts are inserted in place, otherwise careless use may cause accidents.
Nestable roll container has the following characteristics:
1. Rationalization of warehousing management: uniform specifications, fixed capacity, clear at a glance when storing, and easy to check inventory.
2. Save storage space: using stackers, elevators, and cranes, it can be stacked four stories high, resulting in a product-based storage effect.
3. Simple operation, wide use and long life
4. Operational integration and use of stackers, elevators, cranes, trolleys, hydraulic pallet trucks or other transportation equipment can use this product to transport raw materials or intermediate products and even finished products throughout the process. It not only reduces damage during handling, but also saves a lot of labor costs.
5. Rugged and durable: the structure is sturdy, it is made of strong steel rod spot welding, the bottom is reinforced by U-shaped groove iron welding, and it is equipped with a special tripod to make the operation safer. Among them, the foldable nestable roll container has a foldable design, which can be folded up when not in use to save storage space.

How to fold the nestable roll container