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What are the conveniences of using nestable roll container products

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Nestable roll container manufacturers tell you that the application of nestable roll container products has become more and more extensive in recent years, so do you know what kind of convenience the use of nestable roll container will bring us? Let's take a look with the manufacturer of nestable roll container!

1. Nestable roll container is widely used in three-dimensional warehouses, production workshops, logistics distribution centers and so on.
2. Use nestable roll container to store goods with uniform specifications, fixed capacity, clear storage at a glance, and easy to count.  
3. Various handling equipment can be used for transportation, and it can stack four layers to realize three-dimensional storage; when empty cages are stored, they can be folded and stored to save space.
4. Easy to use, the surface is galvanized, it is resistant to corrosion in the factory and outdoor environment, and has a long service life. It is made by butt welding with strong steel bars, and the bottom is reinforced with U-shaped channel steel to make the structure stronger.
5. With handling equipment, nestable roll containers are widely used in various logistics links such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading, and storage to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Equipped with Metrohm board or cardboard in the nestable roll container can effectively protect items that are easy to scratch on the surface.

What are the conveniences of using nestable roll container products