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What is the advantage of nestable roll container compared with wooden box

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Both wooden packaging boxes and nestable roll containers are commonly used packaging logistics containers; both domestic and export can be used; both are suitable for the transportation of logistics, hardware appliances, precision instruments, bathroom hardware, car parts, large-scale items, etc. And packaging. There are both common points and differences in the use of the two, and each has advantages, which are mainly reflected in several aspects:

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1. The nestable roll container can be folded, but the wooden box cannot. This can greatly increase the storage space utilization.
2. The wooden packaging box is generally closed, the nestable roll container is generally a grid, and the nestable roll container can also be equipped with steel plates and plastic hollow boards. The wooden box form is relatively simple.
3. The wooden box cannot be folded, and the side can not be opened, and the nestable roll container can open half of the door, which is more convenient for storing and storing goods.
4. Wooden boxes are more suitable for large and medium-sized mechanical products, and the size can be customized at will. The scale of the nestable roll container will be limited by the mold, and there is a certain scale production range.
5. The wooden box is a wooden product, and it cannot be recycled after damage, and no. The nestable roll container is made of steel, and it can be recycled for scrap iron after it is damaged. It has recycling value.
6. Wooden boxes are generally made of iron nails and have a limited service life. The nestable roll container is welded, which is more durable and generally used for 8-9 years.

What is the advantage of nestable roll container compared with wooden box