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Some important safety tips to apply in your warehouse when using roll containers

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Rolling cages are a necessary logistic solution used in many industries such as medical or food. They facilitate the transport of goods from distribution centers to retail stores, also forming the basis for transporting products in supermarkets to replenish inventory on shelves. In the medical industry, roll containers fulfil their functions perfectly because they are hygienic and clean, and the transport takes place quietly and smoothly. Because of their use, roll containers are very popular in many other industries.

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Some important safety tips to apply in your warehouse when using roll containers:

Loading and unloading safety:

One of the main causes of injuries and accidents in warehouses is the high rate of loading and unloading goods from roll containers, without employees taking breaks. Sometimes the demands are very high, which means that employees work extra hours to increase warehouse efficiency.

Continuous lifting can cause muscle pains and injuries. It is therefore important that employees take breaks during work, besides stretching exercises to allow your muscles to relax. This will maintain their health and prevent any kind of injury.

It is also necessary to use good quality roll containers, which ensures safe loading and unloading. By following these simple steps, you will avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace. That is why safety instructions should be observed during loading and unloading tasks in the warehouse.


Secure the roll container sides with fastening straps

To avoid accidents related to the movement of goods located on top of the roll container, it is worth ensuring proper stabilization of the load. Fastening straps and accessories for roll containers are great for this. Do you want to secure and strengthen goods in a roll container? Choose a strong PP strap (fabric + plastic) because it is strong, durable and flexible. It is also worth training employees so that when they handle roll containers they do not forget about securing with fastening tape.

Some important safety tips to apply in your warehouse when using roll containers