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Features of mesh box pallet from China manufacturer

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The mesh box pallet is a handy, convenient and cost-efficient material handling equipment that is capable of protecting expensive products from being damaged due to bulk stacking. It also provides the ease of product identification to increase stock control efficiency. Its key features include:

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Collapsible
  • Stackable

When equipped with Cast Iron PU Castor Wheels, the mesh box pallet allows for better space utilization and material flow or handling. While Cast Iron Castor Wheels are expensive, we only use them to ensure the mesh box pallet is able to achieve close to maximum loading capacity, even with Wheels on.

box pallet from China manufacturer
The mesh box pallet is an improved and optimized product based on the Europallet. It is generally made of metal. It can not only hold fragmented materials, but also can be stacked in multiple layers to save storage space.
In addition, the feet are replaced with wheels, which can be pushed and pulled freely, which makes the transfer of materials more convenient; the special cage-like structure design of this product reduces the weight of the pallet itself, and on the other hand, makes the warehouse inventory more convenient.

Features of mesh box pallet from China manufacturer