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Design of high-quality assembled roll container products

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Most modern roll container products can be folded/disassembled and packed together when not carrying cargo to reduce the space occupied. For example, empty "A" frame containers can be nested together.

roll container products
There is a risk of hand injury during assembly, therefore it is recommended that operators wear safety gloves to protect hands and fingers when assembling roll container products.
The roll container manufacturers states that the folding/removal of the roll container products can be achieved through the use of panels connected by a hinge and/or lug system. In some types of containers, they allow the sides to be folded together while still being attached to the base of the container, while in others they allow the sides to be completely detached from the base. The hinges are equipped with long hinge pins so that the sides can be lifted vertically a few centimeters without breaking the hinges.
This allows, for example, to lift and swing the sides from their folded position to their assembled position, over the lugs in the base, and then lower so that the dowels on the underside of the panel engage the lugs, connecting the sides and base together. Hinges and lugs vary in the design and configuration of different roll container manufacturers.

Design of high-quality assembled roll container products