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Considerations for manipulating quality roll container products

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Notes on handling empty roll container products:
The operator should never enter the quality roll  container products as it may move and throw the operator off balance. When nested, the operator should also not stand inside the quality roll container products. The container may move, tripping the operator.

quality roll  container products
Under no circumstances should the operator sit on the quality roll container products, it is very dangerous. Riding on the outside of the reel puts its center of gravity near the outer edge, making roll container very unstable and prone to tipping over. Quality roll container products should always be under operator control when in motion, they should not be pushed and released to allow them to move uncontrollably.
Notes on moving non-nested roll container products:
When empty non-nested roll containers products need to be moved manually, they should be moved individually with both hands. Pushing or pulling quality roll container products with just one hand does not provide adequate directional control and should not be done.

Considerations for manipulating quality roll container products