Analysis of the reasons for the difference of warehouse cage appearance

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Aug 13,2018

The huge difference in the appearance of the warehouse cage is mainly caused by the different production standards and the different equipment and raw materials used in the production of the warehouse cage. In view of the above differences, this paper explains one by one.

The huge difference in the appearance of the warehouse cage is mainly caused by the different production standards and the different equipment and raw materials used in the production of the warehouse cage. In view of the above differences, this paper explains one by one.

1) The 4 bottom legs and base of the warehouse cage produced by Eastfound warehouse in Dalian are welded by robots, so the welding passes are even, the welding meat is full, the appearance is very beautiful, and there is no leakage welding, because the robot welding according to the procedure, there is absolutely no more welding, and there is absolutely no leakage welding. The welding robot of Eastfound warehouse in Dalian is shown in the following figure.



2) The warehouse cage produced by manufacturer B shall be manually welded. Workers are skilled and unskilled, even if skilled workers, affected by the degree of fatigue, welding products are good or bad. At the same time, if workers at the time of emotional instability or long mechanical repeated work caused by fatigue, it is also prone to leakage welding problems.

3) Appearance is only external, and its essence is different product strength after welding. Using robot welding, full welding meat, welding deep welding, the strength of the product after welding. As shown in the following figure, this is a picture of nitric acid test for products welded by robots at Eastfound warehouse in Dalian after longitudinal truncation of welding parts. The red circle is the cross section of the welding spot. Obviously, the two parts of the welding are deeply fused, and the welding quality is very good.



n contrast, manual welding products are used, where the welding meat is less and uneven. Its welding fusion is not good, welding strength is certainly not ideal. If there is a leakage of welding, the product will be fatal defects, normal use of the product will be potentially harmful, potentially causing significant personnel injuries and property losses.

2) Dalian Eastfound warehousing adopts automatic welding machine to produce mesh sheets. The mesh sheets produced by this programmed control and automatic welding machine are characterized by flat mesh sheets, large welding depth, uniform welding, beautiful appearance and less welding scars. As this kind of automatic welding machine is very expensive, so far no other domestic enterprises have equipped this kind of automatic welding machine. They generally use the general domestic resistance welding machine to produce the mesh sheet. Due to the low power of the welding machine and the full manual operation, the produced mesh is not smooth, the welding scars are many, and the welding point melting is not uniform, some large, some small.

In addition, as can be seen from the picture, the warehouse cage of manufacturer B has the situation of virtual welding and leakage welding between the wire of base mesh and the welding spot of base u-shape support. The main reason is that the height of the two wings supported by the u-shape is inconsistent, and the mesh is not smooth. When welding, the wire of the mesh contacts with one wing of the u-shape, and the other wing is suspended with the mesh, leading to the imaginary welding and leakage welding. To solve the problem of leakage welding, there is no way but to use manual repair welding. And through human visual inspection to repair welding is not able to solve all leakage problems. In the same way, leakage can lead to fatal defects.

3) The semi-open door at the front of the warehouse cage is not flexible because the spacing between the spring-type helix wire connecting the upper and lower door panels is different. Take the standard warehouse cage as an example, the spacing of its screw wire should be 50mm.Dalian Eastfound warehouse adopts the high-precision spring coil machine to produce the spring-type spiral wire, which ensures that its spacing is constant to 50mm. Therefore, the upper and lower closing of the cage door of its warehouse is easy. However, B manufacturer USES general equipment to produce the screw, so the spacing accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Some are more than 50mm, while some are less than 50mm, so the door is not closed flexibly. The picture below is the spiral wire on the cage of Eastfound warehouse in Dalian. It can be seen from the figure that the spacing of the spiral wire is exactly the same.



4) The standard type of warehouse cage with a silk diameter of 6.0mm.Obviously, if the detection is 5.9mm, the under diameter difference is very large, which will affect the product performance. This kind of raw material production may be the production standard is too low or there is no means and standard to check and control the production of raw material. What's more, people deliberately use inferior materials to achieve the purpose of cutting corners. Dalian Eastfound warehousing in the production of products on the strict tolerance standard, absolutely will not use shoddy materials to deceive users.

If the difference in appearance of the warehouse cage does not affect the use, it is not really a matter of great importance. However, if the difference will lead to major defects of the product, potential harm to normal use, and significant harm to personnel and property, measures must be taken to minimize the risk of such defects. And the biggest potential problem of warehouse cage is leakage welding and virtual welding. A thousand-li dyke is destroyed at the nest, and the storage cage often collapses when the heavy load is piled up due to several leakage or false welding, resulting in serious property loss and casualties.

Solve leakage welding and welding way, only for sequencing, can control the production of operable, standards, specifications, from raw material inspection to the production process control, inspection, audit and strictly implemented, at the same time the use of advanced production equipment, can produce quality constant, high quality warehouse cage, put an end to the warehouse cage in use process, even if the wrong operation or any collapse of overload conditions.