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Chain Conveyor


XRM C1002

Max. Load:


Frame Size:

120 x 71 x 4.0


Powder coating, all RAL colors are available


Carbon Steel

Conveying Direction:

Both positive and negative direction are available.

Metal wire mesh warehouse cage, metal ton box, logistics trolley, auto parts turnover box, stacking frame, metal wire mesh pallet, wire mesh pallet base, heavy shelf foot guard, shelf support strip and other welded wire mesh products. It can also provide surface treatment operations such as electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing and electrostatic spraying, as well as steel processing operations such as pipe manufacturing and sheet slitting.



  • Product Description
  • Standard Specification Sheet
  • Application
    • Commodity name: Chain Conveyor
    • Model:: XRM C1002
    • Max. Load:: 1500kg/m
    • Frame Size:: 120 x 71 x 4.0
    • Color:: Powder coating, all RAL colors are available
    • Material:: Carbon Steel
    • Conveying Direction:: Both positive and negative direction are available.

    The chain conveyor is suitable for the horizontal transportation of both full and empty pallets. Each chain is driven by a dual-precision straight roller chain as the transmission unit. The transport chains are guided in plastic chain guide blocks. The drive unit is located in the middle of the body, with a large wrapping angle for tightening the chains, and the tension adjustment block is simple and fast. The uneven ground can be adjusted by the support legs. It is suitable for heavy-duty goods transportation such as pallets. This model has two to three rows of conveyor chains, and when the weight of the goods exceeds 2000 kg, a three-row chain conveyor is recommended.

Enterprise advantage

Company Advantage

reasonable industrial layout

It has three factories, Dalian Yifeng Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., Dalian Yifeng Storage Supplies Co., Ltd. and Dalian Yifeng Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., covering an area of more than 300000 square meters.

Company Advantage

Design and production talent

200 R & D design, production management and sales team, 600 skilled workers and operators.

Company Advantage

Modern production equipment

It has more than 50 welding robots, dozens of sets of automatic wire mesh welding equipment, as well as automatic electrostatic spraying lines, domestic fifth-generation electro-galvanizing production lines and hot-dip galvanizing production lines with advanced Japanese technology.


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