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nestable roll cage container YL-4,nestable roll container

50.00 kg
External Size
Internal size
Grid size
Loading Capacity
500 kg
Loading Qty
135 sets/40'
electric galvanized, powder coated finish or hot dipped galvanized finish
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Standard Size

nestable roll cage container:

1. Epoxy powder coated or zinc-plated tubular steel side walls.
2. Save time and labor cost while transporting, loading and unloading goods.
3. Install with security bar, ensuring the safety of workers and products.
4. Display the products observably.
5. Can be folded to store, and save space.
6. Ideal for use in retail business ,distribution centers, factories and offices.

nestable roll cage container is one of the main products of Dalian Eastfound Metal Products Co.,Ltd with good Wholesale Price and quality, Factory direct sales are the cheape. Our company is a professional supplier and manufacturers in China, with various products on sales.

When maintaining the nestable roll cage container, you should pay attention to:
1. Moisture-proof
In the north, you can be assured of anti-rust nestable roll cage container. In a foggy day, wipe off the water droplets on the surface with a dry cotton cloth. On rainy days, wipe off the water droplets in time after the rain stops. In the south, when used outdoors, the rain cloth and accessories industry should be increased as much as possible.
2. Prevent collision
These are a few things to pay attention to after purchasing a mobile storage cage. During the transfer process, the nestable roll cage container should be placed gently. The floor of the movable nestable roll cage container should be level to maintain the stability of the movable nestable roll cage container.
3. Keep away from acid and alkali
Acids and bases are known as the "number one killer" of moving nestable roll cage containers. If acids (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) and alkalis (such as methyl alkali, soapy water and soda water) are stained with inappropriate stains on the portable nestable roll cage container, they should be rinsed immediately with clean water, and then wiped dry with a dry cotton cloth.
4. Keep away from the sun
It is recommended that the location of the nestable roll cage container avoid direct sunlight outside the window. Long-term sunlight will cause the paint to change color. The paint layer will crack and fall off, and the metal will oxidize and deteriorate.
5. Isolate from humidity
Indoor humidity should be kept within normal values. The movable nestable roll cage container should be far away from the humidifier. Moisture can cause metal corrosion, chrome plating and film removal. When the mobile storage cage is clean, do not use boiling water, use a damp cloth, but do not use tap water for flushing.
6.Nestable roll cage container derusting
If the nestable roll cage container is rusty, do not sand it with sandpaper. If the rust is small and shallow, you can coat the rust with cotton yarn dipped in engine oil. After a while, you can wipe off the rust with a cloth. If the rust has now expanded and become heavier, you should ask the relevant technician to repair it.


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Nestable Roll Container
Part Number Ext. Dimensions(mm) Int. Dimensions(mm)  Surface Treatment  Loading Qty Per 40'
 L x  W x  H
A-20 720 x 830 x 1720 670 x 770 x 1460 Electro Galvanized 153
YL-4 680 x 890 x 1650 600 x 835 x 1370 135




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